Braden Charron vs Frey - Photos - Updated: 07-31-2015

 Braden Charron vs Frey

85 EXCLUSIVE photos of this awesome match

Frey vs Unnamed - Photos - Updated: 07-31-2015

 Frey vs ???

119 EXCLUSIVE photos of Frey taking on the newest addition to the roster

Jersey vs Kai - Photos - Updated: 07-29-2015

 Jersey vs Kai 

115 EXCLUSIVE photos of these two real-life brothers going head-to-head

Talon vs Jersey - Photos - Updated: 07-29-2015

Talon vs Jersey

136 EXCLUSIVE photos of fan favorite, Talon vs cocky pretty boy, Jersey.

Talon vs No Name Yet - Updated: 07-28-2015

Watch NEW 19 year old high school wrestling star take on Talon!

Fans will get to tell us the name of what we should call our newest 19 year old wrestling recruit.

Talon vs Kai - Photos - Updated: 07-28-2015

 Talon vs Kai

109 EXCLUSIVE photos of Talon taking on Jersey's little brother, Kai

Talon vs Unnamed - Photos - Updated: 07-28-2015

 Talon vs Unnamed

63 EXCLUSIVE photos of this mini match between Talon and an as-yet unnamed newcomer

Chaos vs Kyle Stevens - Updated: 07-17-2015

TAK vs Jersey - Photos - Updated: 07-17-2015

 TAK vs Jersey 

154 EXCLUSIVE photos of kind of trash talk, Tak vs Preety boy newbie, Jersey

Archer vs Wolf - Photos - Updated: 07-17-2015

 Archer vs Wolf 

156 EXCLUSIVE photos of MMA badass, Archer taking on the furry fury, Wolf

Viggo vs Flaco - Photos - Updated: 07-17-2015

 Viggo vs Flaco

132 EXCLUSIVE photos of our newest wrestler, Flaco at the mercy of Viggo

Braden vs Archer - Photos - Updated: 07-16-2015

 Braden Charron vs Archer 

128 EXCLUSIVE photos of big, bad Braden vs agile Archer

Archer vs Griffin - Photos - Updated: 07-16-2015

 Archer vs Griffin

137 EXCLUSIVE photos of tattoed bad boy Archer taking on TAK's brother, newcomer Griffin

Frey vs Anarchy - Photos - Updated: 07-16-2015

 Frey vs Anarchy 

157 EXCLUSIVE photos of MMA fighter Anarchy vs Frey The Beautiful and a surprise appearance by Archer

Braden vs Wolf - Photos - Updated: 07-16-2015

 Braden Charron vs Wolf

151 EXCLUSIVE photos of this mini match between bodybuilder Braden and furry Wolf

Dozer vs Jersey - Photos - Updated: 07-15-2015

 Dozer vs Jersey

109 EXCLUSIVE photos of new, pretty boy Jersey taking on Beefy brawler, Dozer

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