Johnny Bravo vs Brian Cage - Updated: 07-03-2015

Massive bodybuilder battle Johnny Bravo vs Brian Cage

265 lbs vs 265 lbs who will win?

Johnny Bravo vs Brian Cage Special Message - Updated: 06-25-2015

A Special Message from Johnny Bravo and Brian Cage

Marco vs Cub - Photos - Updated: 06-23-2015

 Marco vs Cub

91 EXCLUSIVE photos

TAK vs Griffin - Photos - Updated: 06-23-2015

 TAK vs Griffin

95 EXCLUSIVE photos

Frey vs Talon - Photos - Updated: 06-23-2015

 Frey vs Talon

105 EXCLUSIVE photos

Titan vs Ajax and Batar - Updated: 06-22-2015

Titan takes on brothers Ajax and Batar

Entire video added inside ThunderTV

Batar vs Angel Photos - Updated: 06-22-2015

Batar vs Angel

89 photos added from the vaults

Devin and Batar vs Romeo Photos - Updated: 06-22-2015

Devin and Batar take revenge against Romeo

All new photos added of this 2 on 1 revenge match

Tony vs Angel Photos - Updated: 06-22-2015

Tony vs Angel

61 new photos exclusive to ThunderTV

Johnny Bravo vs Brute - Updated: 06-19-2015

Bodybuilder Brute challenges Johnny Bravo

Entire video of these massive bodybuilders fighting in the ring

Marco vs Specimen - Updated: 06-15-2015

Marco challenges Specimen in bed

Over 100 HD photos of this bedroom match

Viggo vs Ashton Video - Updated: 06-12-2015

Viggo vs Ashton

Check out the entire video exclusive to ThunderTV

Braden Charron vs Brad Barnes Video - Updated: 06-12-2015

Braden Charron vs Brad Barnes

Video added of this video from the vault

Dominic vs Mogly Video - Updated: 06-12-2015

Dominic attacks Mogly

Entire video of this domination match

Bear vs Archer Photos - Updated: 06-12-2015

Bear dominates Archer

25 new photos of this big vs little match

Atom vs Red Photos - Updated: 06-12-2015

Atom vs Red

26 new photos from the vault added

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