Bucky vs Talon - Updated: 01-28-2016

Pro Bucky vs Talon Ring Match

208 photos now available inside

Dozer vs Eagle Custom - Updated: 01-22-2016

Dozer vs Eagle Tickle Match

183 new photos of this custom match available now

Santiago vs Travis - Updated: 01-22-2016

Teen Bodybuilders Santiago vs Travis

130 photos of these two muscle teens now available

Santiago vs Travis Flex Off - Updated: 01-22-2016

Teen Bodybuilders Santiago vs Travis

Check out the photos of these 2 flexing and showing off

Vein vs Santiago - Updated: 01-21-2016

Bodybuilder Vein vs Santiago

New guy Santiago challenges Vein over 500 photos available

Frey vs Travis - Updated: 01-19-2016

Frey trains Travis

363 photos from this training session now available

Talon vs Rex - Updated: 01-18-2016

Rex is back to challenge Talon

562 brand new photos inside

Marco vs Talon - Updated: 01-18-2016

Marco and Talon settle a bet

275 photos inside now

Brute and Dozer vs Flaco - Updated: 01-18-2016

Brute destroys Flaco with Dozer

424 photos now available inside ThunderTV

Marco vs Steve Video - Updated: 01-14-2016

Marco destroys Steve

Newcomer Steve challenges Marco, entire video now available

Marco vs Ivan - Updated: 12-31-2015

Champion Marco vs Bodybuilder Ivan

414 new photos of this intense battle

Frey vs Steve Video - Updated: 12-31-2015

Frey vs Steve Video

Entire video streaming now

Ivan vs Dozer - Updated: 12-28-2015

 Russian Ivan vs bodybuilder Dozer

302 HD photos now available inside

Frey vs Steve - Updated: 12-29-2015

Frey dominates new guy Steve

Brand new photos now available inside

Marco vs Steve - Updated: 12-29-2015

New guy Steve takes on Marco

316 photos now available inside ThunderTV

Zman vs Travis - Updated: 11-20-2015

Travis dominates Zman

112 HD photos now available inside

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